Will Anyone Ask Me for Money?

No! We never pass a collection plate at Calvary Chapel. Tithes and offerings are placed in a box on a table in the back of the main room.


Will I Have to Sign Anything or Be Singled Out in Any Way?

No! We would love to get to know you but we are mostly concerned that you are comfortable. You can remain anonymous as long as you like. If you would like us to contact you, simply fill out a contact card on the table at the back of the room.


How Will I Know Where to Go?

Park in the South Willowbrook Mall parking lot. We are directly above a store called the Vacuum Center. You will see the white and blue Calvary sign on the door. Go up the stairs and you will come to the welcome table. 


What is the Worship Service Like?

We begin with 3 to 4 songs of contemporary worship music mixed with the occasional hymn. This is followed by a Bible study. Then, we sing 2 to 3 more songs followed by a time of snacks and refreshments.


Is There Something Happening for Children?

Yes. Sunday School begins at 10:00 am.  We place a strong emphasis on teaching the Bible and providing Biblically-based activities for our kids. Children must be signed in by a parent or guardian by 9:50 am. Parents or guardians, thank you for picking up and signing out your children immediately after service.

For children that are not toilet trained and not yet ready to engage in class, we provide a staffed nursery. 

Both groups of kids are checked in and out at the same station. You will see the sign that says “Calvary Kids”.  All children will be given wristbands with numbers. Parents will be given a slip of paper with the number on their child’s wristband. The parent or guardian that is given the number must be the same to sign the child out. Because we are very concerned with safety, we make no exceptions for this.

When signing your child in you will be asked for your cell phone number. If a situation arises that your child needs you, our volunteers will text you.